Exploding head syndrome | Causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

Exploding head syndrome is One of the unique sleeping disorders also has one of the unique name exploding head syndrome.

Exploding head syndrome is the name for the parasomnia (basically, it is a sleep disorder that involves abnormal behavior) in which you hear a very loud noise just before you fall asleep or wake up. The strangest part is that it is not a noise anyone else hears, but to some people, it can be as loud as a firework going off. Some people also experience the image of a flashing light.

In exploding head syndrome there is no pain, it’s just sound. It can happen as you’re falling asleep, as you’re waking up, or as you are transitioning from one stage of sleep to Wake people up many times. And peoples always have to get up and look to make sure a vehicle didn’t hit the house, the pets didn’t manage to knock over a bookcase, or some other catastrophe.

There isn’t a lot of good scientific study on exploding head syndrome, but some hypotheses about why it occurs, or what makes it more likely to occur, include sleep deprivation, migraines, seizures, stress or anxiety, issues with the brainstem, and shifts in the components of the middle ear among others. I don’t know if it is because of stroke or not but I listened some people claimed it on internet, but it isn’t usually. It’s just a sound hallucination like a person think that he or she hear a woman’s cough or sound just outside the house when trying to fall asleep, or wake up to one screech of the smoke alarm, it isn’t real. It’s a harmless condition in itself - it only becomes harmful if your own reaction to it is to avoid it (because not sleeping is the only way to avoid it)

To makes stranger that scientists still don’t know exactly what causes exploding head syndrome. One theory is that it occurs from a small seizure in the temporal lobe, while others believe it could be the result of extreme stress. Many people have sporadic episodes, but sometimes it resolves over time. It is not especially common and is very poorly understood, but it seems it can happen to people of any age, I can say from my friend’s own experience that it is a very frightening experience, but fortunately (at least in my friend’s case) it happens rarely.

It’s sometimes accompanied by a flash of light. That’s why thunder/lightning always comes to mind.

Current estimates put sufferers at about 10% of the population. Women are more prone to explodes head syndrome than men, and people over 50 are at higher risk as well.

There is no special way of diagnosis of explodes head syndrome. Simply and usually just by telling your doctor your symptoms, and the doctor can see if they match up with the symptoms of exploding head syndrome or not. But you should take a printout of basic information and it is must.

Also there is no special or specific treatment for exploding head syndrome. But if it's sudden onset of a massive, unrelenting, debilitating headache, they would probably have an MRI a CT scan and or an angiogram tobe done.

Doctors offers some massive pain relief medications also sedatives or anti-depressant as currently there are no cures, natural or man-made, perhaps on internet I find some people were discussing on few natural remedies but in my observation exploding head syndrome is a painless condition just you need to ignore it to get relief.

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