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Did you know that ability to generate Vitamin D under skin helped humanity in gaining strength and surviving in African Savanna? There’s no surprise to learn that dark skinned and outdoor-dwelling people living near equator has higher levels of activated Vitamin D in their blood e. g. Masai herders have 40–50 ng/ml. Many outdoor working modern-day professionals wearing minimal clothing also do have higher levels of activated Vitamin D e. g. fishermen, seafarers, life-guards etc.

Unlike our assumptions and what we’ve been taught in schools till date, we humans too photosynthesize through our skin like plants do with their leaves. Plants generate food (sugar) whereas we do generate one the most critically essential elements - Vitamin D. Hence we can consider sunlight as the best, cheapest (actually - absolutely FREE), omnipresent (except in Polar Regions), reliable, abundant, unadulterated and almost never ending “food source” of Vitamin D.

According to world’s pioneer researcher in Vitamin D research Prof. Dr. Michael Holick (The Godfather of Vitamin D), unlike what most of us assume, cows don’t put Vitamin D in their milk. Isn’t it really shocking? It’s us who started fortifying milk and other food items with Vitamin D e. g. orange juice. Hence, we’ve started depending on food alone and shunning away

Even though many believe that food items alone can fulfill daily requirement of the Vitamin, today’s hybridized, mass & rapidly produced, artificially grown, non-organic, grown-in-enclosure (greenhouse), processed and plastic-wrapped food (both vegetarian and non-vegetarian) doesn’t provide much Vitamin D.

On the other hand, according to some scientists, mass use of multi-stage refined oils is also a major reason behind deficiency and insufficiency. Refined oils don’t provide good or beneficial fat which is required to synthesize vitamin d under skin upon exposing to natural sunlight.

from sunlight.

According to sincere, dedicated and devoted experts and researchers in the field of Vitamin D, we’ve to consider following things, even before taking bite of or guzzling down so-called Vitamin D rich food:

A) To produce enough Vitamin D in their bodies, fatty fishes (mackerels and sardines) need to be reared and fed in natural environments i. e. lakes, rivers and seas. Aqua-cultured fish wouldn’t provide enough Vitamin D.

B) Mushrooms need to be exposed to natural sunlight or an artificial UVB source for a considerable amount of time so they produce Vitamin D. Also, only few species have that capability.

C) One has to drink multiple glasses of milk to get adequate amount of Vitamin D assuming that milk contents enough fat. Also, don’t complain about stomach bloating.

D) One has to drink Vitamin D fortified orange juice in large quantity to get adequate amount. It can be costly for many.

E) Soya Milk and cereals don’t provide much Vitamin D. Sun-drying method is required to induce Vitamin D inside cereals.

Hence, it’s obvious and clear as sunlight that organic, well-fed, naturally grown, unprocessed and sun radiated food (animals, fishes and plants) can provide enough amount of Vitamin D. What exactly we’re doing at present in protecting, growing and consuming nutrient rich, organic and natural food is highly questionable.

Systematically and thoroughly propagated sun phobia by cosmetic manufacturers have done enormous damaged to global population and environment. Hence if you are reluctant about, scared of and ill-educated about sun exposure then you’ve to start thinking about same very seriously.

Based on my personal experience and extensive research on this subject, let me tell you very frankly that food and supplements cannot replicate other innumerable positive effects and benefits of sunlight exposure i. e. vasodilation (expansion of blood vessels and capillaries), disinfecting skin & improving its health, giving natural shine to skin, detoxification through sweating, inducing sound sleep at night, improving muscular strength & perform ability, inducing relaxation & elation, enhancing vision & brain functioning etc.

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