What is pharmacognosy? pharmacy of plants or father of pharmacy?

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Pharmacognosy is a study of crude drugs obtained from natural origin like animal, plants, minerals and marine. Also some people called it pharmacy of plants and some people call it father of pharmacy because pharmacognosy used to discover medical and pharmaceutical uses from natural plants it is old and the father of pharmacy,

Pharmacognosy is a branch of allopathic medicinal system and drugs are not supposed to be used as whole or in some direct processed forms (extract or powdered), it aims for the study of active constituents and metabolites that are responsible for the physiological activity as well as the drug used for the preparation of other pharmaceutical products such as additives, flavoring agents, sweeteners, bitters, perfumes etc.

pharmacognosy literally means (Greek words)phramakon+ gignosko = the drug + to acquire the knowledge of - to acquire the knowledge of drug.

Most of drugs used today is or either derived from substances that we first found in plants. From the willow bark we got salicylic acid that we could makes aspirin from. And then we used that knowledge to makes new drugs, as ibuprofen, diclofenac or etc.

Anticancer drugs has been discovered in plants, as for example paclitaxel from the yew tree.

Even though new techniques helps us to design new drugs based on the knowledge about targets on proteins, there is still more substances to discover in nature.

Right now different plants extracts are being tested in vitro and in vivo to find a treatment for Alzheimer’s and other diseases that still has no cure.Pharmacognosy is used for finding new cures.

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